Club Update – Board Appointments

Ashington AFC is delighted to announce some recent changes implemented in our club management. 

Drew Tinsley and David Fish will be joining Ashington FC’s board, contributing and volunteering their time and expertise to our continued growth, both on and off the field.

Drew, with a professional background in construction and experience leading a large, successful engineering business unit, currently resides in the United Arab Emirates. David is an experienced finance professional, having worked in this area and beyond during his career.

Our Chairman, Brian Shotton “We reached out to Drew and David earlier in the year, knowing of their love for the club, the town, and the interest they have shown over the years. Drew brings a fresh perspective with his experience gained in his career and his connections both inside and outside of the North East. David, an experienced finance professional, will be key to ensuring our decision making is calculated and sustainable. Their areas of focus will be strategizing interest in the club, supporting investment, and making ground improvements, in addition to our charitable efforts in the community.”

Drew added, “I am honoured to accept my appointment as a board member of Ashington Football Club, a team that holds a special place in my heart as my hometown football club. This opportunity has been under discussion between the club and myself for some time, and I am pleased to transition from a lifelong supporter to a more active role within the club. For those who know me and my passion for football and all things Ashington, it’s no surprise that this decision was an easy one to make. My love for Ashington, in all its aspects, runs deep. Our town boasts a remarkable sporting legacy, a narrative that I firmly believe ranks among the most inspiring stories in sport. From legends like Newcastle’s Jackie Milburn to the World Cup-winning Charlton brothers with their record-breaking achievements playing for England, Leeds, and Manchester United, to our more recent Ashes and Cricket World Cup champions, Ashington has consistently been home to many sports heroes.”

He continued “I am committed to contributing to the impressive work achieved by the club since Brian’s appointment as Chairman in 2018. Together, with the support of our community and fans, we will continue to build a more robust and sustainable future for our beloved football club. This is an exciting journey, and I’m both ready and eager to play my part in carrying on Ashington’s proud legacy.”

David added “The club has come a long way both on and off the pitch since Brian’s appointment in 2018 and I am looking forward to supporting and contributing towards the future development of the Club.”

If you feel you can contribute your skills or profession to the club, we would welcome further assistance, particularly in the commercial sales and marketing sectors, to assist in growing the club’s revenue. Contact if you feel you can help us on our journey.