By Brian Bennett

Ashington FC’s new forward Cameron Gascoigne admitted that he garners his footballing inspiration from a family member who is World famous.

Paul ‘Gazza’ Gascoigne was a fans favourite especially during his career in the 1980’s with Newcastle United and also England where he won 57 caps.

Now 21 year old Cameron has revealed that it was his Uncle Paul who taught him how to play football from an early age – and added that he is constantly in conversation with him: “As soon as I could walk, my Uncle Paul was the one who took me out, got me a football and taught me how to play,” he said, “He encouraged me and gave me the love for the game and as I grew older, I viewed all of the games from the Euros and the World Cup when he played – and just watching him inspires me to go and be the best that I can.”

Cameron continued: “He’s always on the phone to me and I ring him pretty much after every game to tell him how I have got on. He gives me some feedback and it’s good especially when I know he’s been and done it at the highest level. My favourite goals which he scored were his stunning free kick for Spurs in their FA Cup semi final against Arsenal in 1991 and the other was for England against Scotland in Euro 1996 – which is just magical and a joy to watch.”