By Brian Bennett

George Rounsfell, one of Ashington FC’s new signings, admitted that he is looking forward to playing at Woodhorn Lane – in a stadium where there is a ‘proper atmosphere.’

The 21 year old admitted that he went through a period where he fell out of love with football but played towards the end of last season with Washington to try and get some enjoyment back. Now he says he is ‘looking to push on.’

Born in Kingston-upon-Thames in London, Rounsfell commented: “I followed Ashington last season and they are a club who are on the up. Not only that but I noticed that they were playing in front of big crowds for the majority of their games which stood out. From my point of view, I would like to play for a team in front of a crowd where there is a proper atmosphere so I’m buzzing to be joining them. When you go to a new outfit it gives you that bit of incentive because you don’t want to be lagging behind and I can’t wait to meet everyone to be fair.”

Rounsfell – an assistant accountant on TV and film productions – added: “I felt out of love with football. I was at Newcastle United from being a six year old until I was 19 then I went to the USA to play for Campbell University Athletics. Towards the end of last season I played for Washington to try and get some enjoyment back but I felt it was not at the standard that I need to be playing at. Now I’m looking to push on.”

Ashington boss Ian Skinner said: “George is a player who we very much look forward to working with. He has got huge potential. He is used to being in an elite performance environment from his time with Newcastle United and then moving overseas to play in America. He came back over here towards the middle to the end of last season and he played a couple of games for Washington. He’s someone who we have monitored in terms of the potential he showed previously and we feel we can offer him an environment where we can unearth that potential again and help him to kick on and get back to the levels that he was before.”