By Brian Bennett

Supporters of Ashington FC will have an opportunity to put questions to manager Ian Skinner as the club will hold a ‘talk in’ following their final home match of the season against Thornaby on Saturday April 15.

The Woodhorn Lane boss said: “A couple of people approached me and asked if I would sit down and maybes have a chat with people – and it’s something which I have always been open to do previously so I’m hoping the fans will stay behind after the Thornaby game. In the past we have had a ‘talk in’ as a stand alone event and so not everybody could make it. I have no problem with it at all and it would be nice. I don’t get an opportunity to openly speak to people very often because it takes me a while to get in the clubhouse after games and when I do, lots of people have left.”

He continued: “I just thought that with it being our last home game, why not invite everybody to stay back for some refreshments regardless of where we are and what the situation is (in the league). If people want me to sit there and answer some questions, then I’d like to think I’m a pretty open and honest sort of person and I’ll be happy to answer them. Also it will be a good opportunity to say a ‘thank you’ to the fans who have been brilliant all season – they have come out in their numbers again today against Pickering – and their support was one again fantastic.”